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When you register with Abacussi you will be asked to add your business email address and telephone number as this is how prospective clients will contact you we have also provided an inbox which we advise you to check regularly for contacts.
Also you will need to provide a post code as this will show the area of the country you are based , this will not however limit you in any way as our search field allows you to be found in a variety of ways.
Abacussi ID
Every Abacussi member has an ID number which is unique to their page, use this ID to promote and allow the public immediate access to your information.
When you register you will have to choose a main category after that you can add as many sub categories as are appropriate to your performing skills or business services . All of the sub categories will appear on your page and will register on an Abacussi search.
Here you can add the details of your charges to show whether you have an hourly, rate fixed ,negotiable and or subject to place ,distance, VAT etc . You can also in this part of your profile page let the clients know how far you are willing to travel for an engagement.
In this section you can write all the information concerning what it is you do and the nature of your company, group or act in great detail.
Add your all your promotional photographs here, if you are a performer it may be well for the customers to see how you appear in performance, for businesses whatever it is you do nothing is more persuasive than a beautiful image.
Audio Files
Add your music files here if the public wants a band or a soloist for a function they will certainly want to hear you and you can add a variety of tracks to show the different styles and moods you play.
Here you can add your videos so that the public can see you in performance and get the clearest idea of what they can expect when they book you.
Finally we have added a yearly calendar with the days divided into three parts so that people can see immediately whether you are available for bookings on the day of their event.

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Abacussi is a free site for all who work in the events industry, and when you sign up you will be joining the fastest growing and most comprehensive events service site in the UK .

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Whether you are performers or run a business the present state of uncertainty will be causing many of you to look at the best and most cost effective ways of promoting yourself.

On the net the most efficient ways to be found in a search has to be through larger sites, but whereas many of the big online directories charge considerable amounts to register
Abacussi is offering advertising space completely free.

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